Burning Words Screensaver

Burning Words Screensaver

Burning Words Screensaver , displays any text burning in flames

Burning Words screensaver brings on your screen a burning word with nice graphical flame effects and flare, a nice screensaver to express your burning emotions or desire on your screen, just type them in and this screensaver will show it all burning in flames and best of all it is free .

Burning Words brings to your desktop screen a graphically rich and flaming screensaver that shows any text you type in as burning in flames. This screensaver is free and so it makes an ideal choice for your next screensaver, you can use it to enrich your blank desktop with those nice flame effects, featutres can be listed as below,

1. Nice graphical flame effect
2. You can use any text you like
3. Configurable via settings
4. It is a freeware , so no nag screens and pop ups

This screensaver can be used as per your requirements with those configurable text option, you can change it to display your Boss's name to expect your anger or even to "I love you Mary" or any other person you love , overall a good screensaver with no cost involved .

Vivek Yadav
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